1. Choose one of the following research sections. Each is related to a page. You should include at least one external internet link, one paragraph of summary and one image. Please be sure to title your contribution and include your name. I've provided an example on the "Dublin" page. See Ms. Cartwright's example on the "Dublin Politics" page.
Research Dublin's size, economic structure, and place in Europe. How did/does Dublin compare to other European capitals? What is the basis for the differences? How have these differences affected the Irish people?
Research the politics of Joyce's Ireland and compare and contrast them to our political system today. Compare and contrast the colonial America's relations with Great Britain to Ireland's relationship with England. How is Ireland's current political state similar to that described in Dubliners? How is Ireland's current relationship with England related to the political climate of Joyce's Dublin?
• Research the role religion played in life in Joyce's Dublin. What effects has Catholicism had on the Irish today and in Joyce's time?
• Research Joyce's life and explain how growing up in Dublin affected him. Also, explain why he felt he had to leave Ireland to become a successful artist.
Research the life and death of Charles Stewart Parnell. What were the planks in his political platform? How did he plan to accomplish his plans for Ireland? What effect did his political fall and ensuing death have on Irish politics?

2. Read and annotate the stories
"The Sisters""
"An Encounter"

3. Discussion Section: In at least two paragraphs using textual evidence (direct quotations) consider what these stories have in common and Joyce's style. You will reply to at least one of your classmate's posts making a direct link to your research about Dublin, religion, politics, Joyce's life or Parnell. Your reply should be at least one paragraph in length. Find the discussion board using the navigation tab at the top of the page.