Research the life and death of Charles Stewart Parnell. What were the planks in his political platform? How did he plan to accomplish his plans for Ireland? What effect did his political fall and ensuing death have on Irish politics?

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Charles Stewart Parnell was an Irish Protestant politician in the 1900’s.
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He was an advocate of the “Home Rule” movement, a push for Irish self-government. Though this was his priority, he also led attempts to bring equality to land owning, as many of the Irish did not own their own land, but instead had to pay English landlords for its use. To accomplish his goals, he ran for office and was elected to the House of Commons, and then preceded to exert his power through taking command of political parties. He lead first the Land League and then the National Land League, powerful parties in Irish politics. When a scandal involving an affair with a married woman dishonored him, Parnell was ousted from his party and condemned by the Catholic church. His party split into a group that supported him and a group that opposed him, a struggle that divided the nation. In his attempts to maintain his power as both his influence and his health waned, Parnell gave a political speech in the rain then led to his death a week later. He had been “the uncrowned king of Ireland” and yet died in disgrace, his grand party divided.

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Charles Stewart Parnell was a member of the Home Rule League--which would later become the Irish Parliamentary Party--and was elected to Parliament in 1875. In 1879, he was elected as president of the National Land League and; given his involvement in the fight for Home Rule, it wasn't surprising that, not long after, people considered him the leader of the Irish nationalist movement. He frequently employed boycotts in order to influence and demand the attention he believed his cause deserved. He helped to create the Kilmainham Treaty; from this, he asked his followers to avoid violence. In 1886, Parnell helped to take down the conservative government in office; the ruler then became Gladstone, who created the first Irish Home Rule Bill. The bill split the party because many considered it flawed, including Parnell, though he was prepared to vote in favor of it regardless. But the bill did not pass and the government did not last long. In the end, it was when the world discovered the truth about Parnell's mistress that he lost all favor and his political career was truly destroyed; when he died, it would no longer be as a hero.

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